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We build a bridge between real-time computer graphics technology and creativity!

We work with research, development, and implementation of high-performance rendering solutions, game systems, and tools. In the end of the day, we're bringing our ideas to a stunning reality.


Meet the Wilders

Eduardo Fantini

Eduardo Fantini
Graphics Engineering Manager

The first thing that caught my attention here at Wildlife was the people, always very kind and at the same time with direct and transparent communication. Also, I can say that it was a gift for me to have the opportunity to manage a team as fantastic as the Graphic Engineering at Wildlife. The team is thirsty for learning new techniques, and the more complex the problem is, the more we like it. Innovating with research and taking care of our games' graphics performance is part of our essence and responsibility.
Luiz Vasconcelos

Luiz Vasconcelos
Graphics Engineer

The company is bringing in the best people from the world's biggest studios. Working close to the best in the industry inspires me. I feel that the company respects each individual and encourages us to a continuous evolution. Despite being a large company, we work in lean teams, which allows us to iterate very quickly on new ideas and focus on what matters.