Life is Wild

We are Wilders

We have a passion for doing things, we’re curious and questioning, we believe in execution with agility and expertise. But above all, we believe that teamwork is key to success. These are the essential characteristics of a Wilder.

Unleash your potential and explore the future with us

Be ready.

To build a future we are yet to discover Where boldness is a must and technology a means. At Wildlife, we think big and seek out the brave.

To face everyday challenges and defy the rules of the game.
Those curious by nature, who move fast, at the speed of our ambition.

That aren’t afraid to take risks and want to make an impact
In the lives of billions of people, across different countries, in several different moments.

To build a global career, that connects them to the best talent around the world, where every day is an opportunity to learn and to teach.
Doing meaningful work, in an environment made up of ideas and people that dare act and think outside the box.

Team players who go the extra mile to deliver the best experiences.

Made by all and for all. Because when creativity meets technology, anything is possible.

And this is just the beginning.

Our Core Values

Our values fundamentally show who we are


We Think Big

We take on the challenge of creating products that will stand out in a sea of millions. We question the status quo, and we transcend the norm. We remain positive and focus on what could go right. We believe the path to exceptional results is filled with uncertainty. Fear is often the most dangerous thing, so we choose to overcome it, dream ambitiously, and take thoughtfully calculated risks, big and small, in order to achieve them.


We Are Fast

We believe being fast is a necessary condition for success in an industry that is built on innovation and new technologies like ours. To achieve speed, we're ready to make the required tradeoffs, choosing to do very few things, and do them well. In the name of speed, we're ready to sacrifice consensus and move on conviction and put efficiency in second place. We celebrate failing fast, learning, and moving on. We understand that most times moving with 70% confidence is better than waiting until we get to 100%.


We are Candid

We work hard to create an environment that rewards people for saying what they think respectfully. We make it safe for people to bring up unpopular views and we are brave to share our own unpopular views, at all levels in the company. We take the time to build trust, understand the person we are talking to, and how to deliver the truth in each situation. We give each other the benefit of the doubt, we assume good intentions and we have good intentions.


We Are Committed

We believe our journey is worth pursuing. We consider it to be one of the most important things we're doing, and that is why the majority of our time we choose to be intellectually engaged. Wildlife is where we do the best work of our lives. We only work on projects that we care about. We believe our work is a reflection of who we are so we give our best and work hard to overcome obstacles and achieve our full potential.


We Care For Each Other

Work for us is about enabling deep relationships in addition to achieving our goals. We create an environment where people from all ethnicities, genders and backgrounds that share our values can feel safe, achieve their full potential and be happy. We want sustainable high performance. We help and mentor each other. We foster a community where we give energy to each other. We encourage optimism and positive thinking. We work with people that we love, and we enjoy the journey together.


We Innovate With Research

We celebrate intelligent innovation. We're curious and rigorous in our approach. We seek opposing views and work to disconfirm our beliefs; we experiment. Like a researcher, we incorporate all the knowledge that has been created and then add something new. We create things that are better than what existed, not just different. We make it our business to know what great looks like.