Director of Game Design (Moon Tavern)

About Moon Tavern Games and Wildlife Studios

Moon Tavern Games is a group of old souls looking for a new adventure. We are inspired by the nostalgia, meaning, and craft of classic RPGs in the quest to create new adventures using the modern magic of mobile gaming. We want to work alongside fellow creators who value talent and trust. We welcome both masters and apprentices of the craft to join us at Moon Tavern Games in our mission to bring magic into the world. 

Moon Tavern Games is a part of Wildlife Studios. Wildlife is constantly growing and launching world class games due to the amazing teamwork and collaborative work we do across our varied disciplines. Our team works closely with PM's, engineers, artists, game designers, distribution specialists, data scientists, among others, to help develop games that are innovative and impact people's lives all over the globe.

Founded by creatives for creatives: we are building a dream culture, a creative community of trust and transparency and we are looking for a Director of Game Design who, working alongside the development team, will be responsible for helping drive, shape and build the experience of our game’s world.

About the role

As the Director of Game Design at Moon Tavern, you ensure that both the macro and micro elements of game design play as an orchestra. That wherever game design overlaps with systems, art, UI, UX, content, engineering that all are expertly directed so that we produce the intended experience. A legendary collaborator with Production. Whereas the Principal role is the master of the quality of the parts of the game, the Director is making sure the game is a masterpiece as a sum of those parts.  

What you’ll do

  • Shapes game ideas into game designs
  • Master of the “gameplay” of the game, as driven by the interesting choices a player makes
  • Assembles various features into a cohesive game, connecting systems to content to gameplay to narrative
  • Directly responsible for the quality of game design and representing the overall studio’s game craftsmanship
  • Directs game designs into playable software
  • Champion of proving ideas in software and validating paper designs with vigor

What you'll need

  • Significant contributions to at least one shipped game with ideally multiple game credits showing a history of successful impact over several years in a lead or director role
  • Absolute passion for playing and making video games;
  • Previous game lead or direction experience
  • Knowledge of the classics
  • Experience in a breadth of game platforms and genres (e.g., Mobile, PC, console, tabletop), so you can easily identify and explain any game's strengths and weaknesses;
  • Ability to collaborate within a game development team, especially with Production
  • Drive to bring ideas to life instead of perfecting them

We welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help build the best gaming company, where everyone thrives.

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