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We play a vital role in the game's development cycle, finding and preventing inconsistencies, glitches, or bugs in the game and always focusing on ensuring the best player experience.

We work closely with game designers, game developers, backend, player support, and tool engineers to ensure the quality of our games, mixing manual and automated tests.


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Anderson Nagano

Anderson Nagano
QA Manager

I joined Wildlife in 2017 on the quality assurance team. At the time, we were in 8 QAs, and it wasn't easy to imagine how our team would grow. Today we're more than 40 people! I feel proud to be part of this team, and I know that we have a crucial role in helping WLS in its mission, which is to make games that amuse and mark people's lives. Working at WLS has been one of the most exciting chapters of my life. I'm happy to see the professional evolution I achieved here and the better human being I've become.